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Stand Up Meeting

DAVID AMBS  was created to be your one-stop cellular and tech sourcing consultant.  DAVID AMBS removes all the pressure and connects you to the top 200+ telecommunications and cloud suppliers.  We consult with your firm to assure your EXACT service needs are met.   Ownership has over 10+ years of experience in the cellular/telecom industry.  

DAVID AMBS is a technology consulting company, rather as a Telecommunications and Cloud Solutions Agency with a clear mission. We provide you access, transparency and direct involvement with the suppliers.   DAVID AMBS'S extensive portfolio of suppliers will provide your company with the best tech companies in each category and your location

Our proprietary process is intuitive, simple and repeatable. It informs, educates and empowers you in selecting the best possible supplier for your telecommunications and cloud needs.

We believe that a guide (preferably known as your trusted sidekick) is important to help you navigate supplier selection, facilitate the interviews and negotiate the best terms and pricing. Then, we work alongside you and your chosen supplier to coordinate the project by tracking and dispensing all of the information needed to successfully install and implement services.

Once the project is complete, we continually connect with you to strengthen our relationship by delivering proactive services to ensure satisfaction and performance with your supplier.

DAVID AMBS is technology sourcing done the right way! 

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