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IT Consulting

Let DAVID AMBS make your tech sourcing easy as 1 2 3

Sourcing telecommunications is painful and time consuming for a business owner.

There are two routes to take when searching for cloud solutions and telecommunications.


This is the direct sales path that involves contacting numerous suppliers on your own until you find one that meets your requirements and budget. It’s time-consuming, generally miserable and can leave you wondering if you have uncovered all your options and thinking “is there a better way to do this?”

Glad you asked. Why yes, there is a better way and it doesn’t even require dealing directly with sales.


TCOMM will be your consultant and escort through this difficult process.  Our list of the best suppliers is 200+ and we will utilize our experience and relationships to give you the best suppliers for your business. Our suppliers dedicate solution architects, engineers, and channel managers to provide our clients with the best solutions for their business.

Here is the best process:

  • Consulting
    We provide consultation to analyze your requisites and provide an execution plan.

  • Broker
    After the consultation, we recommend the best suppliers for your telecom needs.  Then we consult and negotiate a deal with suppliers.

  • Organize
    We will organize, plan and follow the project from the start to finish to make sure everything is installed correctly.

  • Manage
    We want to be the only DAVID AMBS Consultant you ever use.  We stay connected before, during and after to make sure our clients are happy and use our services in the future when the contracts are up for renewals.

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