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IT Consulting

Let DAVID AMBS make your tech sourcing easy. 

The process is complicated, painful and time-consuming.

There are two routes to take when searching for cloud solutions and telecommunications.


This is the direct sales path that involves contacting numerous suppliers on your own until you find one that meets your requirements and budget. It’s time-consuming, generally miserable and can leave you wondering if you have uncovered all your options and thinking “is there a better way to do this?”

Glad you asked. Why yes, there is a better way and it doesn’t even require dealing directly with sales.


DAVID AMBS acts as your guide along this second path. Through us, you get to bypass the suppliers’ salespeople and get to the core of creating solutions that solve your problems. The portfolio consists of the best suppliers in the industry and the suppliers dedicate channel managers, solutions architects, and engineers at our disposal.

As a dynamic duo, we go a little something like this:

  • Consulting
    We partner with you to strategize, evaluate and prioritize your requirements to chart a course of action.

  • Broker/Agent
    We highlight and recommend the right suppliers in our portfolio and then we interview and negotiate with them together.

  • Organize
    We inform, schedule and track the project to ensure proper installation, implementation, performance, and satisfaction.

  • Manage
    We connect, contribute and grow with you long after the project is done because we are it in for the long haul.

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