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Telecommunications and Cloud Consulting Coordinator

doing work together

If you think sourcing technology solutions is time-consuming, just wait for the implementation. From lengthy meetings with chosen suppliers to chasing down vendors, there is a ton of work that goes into migrating services from one technology solution to another.

And the fact remains that implementations often come with unexpected costs, delays, and even disruption. Unfortunately, most businesses are faced with these two hurdles when having to manage installation and implementation:


  • Resources are pulled in many directions

  • You’re expected to anticipate the needs of the technology suppliers in order to meet project deadlines


Thank goodness for your trusty sidekick (you’re coming around to that notion right?). We are here as your telecommunications and cloud supplier coordinator, to help keep things running smoothly and to make sure everything is performing to your satisfaction. DAVID AMBS works alongside you and your supplier to track and dispense the information needed for all parties to successfully install and implement services.

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